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Customer onboarding, KYC and the imperative for digital transformation

Is your customer onboarding journey a competitive advantage? To what extent does it enable you to win more business?

A seamless and satisfying customer experience will maximize application conversion rates, create long-term loyalty, and positively impact your bottom line, optimizing your customer journey and particularly your KYC.

In this webinar, we brought together industry experts to explore the role of KYC process automation in achieving overall digital transformation outcomes. We discussed and debated the different facets to consider in your KYC process automation strategy, the benefits that can be achieved, and how to establish your success criteria and measurements.

The debate concluded with a look to the future and how you can establish readiness for new perpetual KYC digital operating models.

Key learns

  • What to consider in a KYC process automation strategy
  • The benefits that can be achieved from successful digital transformation projects in KYC
  • How to establish success criteria and measurements for your project
  • A look to the future and how to establish readiness for new perpetual KYC (pKYC) digital operating models

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Meet the speakers

Erik Morgan, SEB

Erick Morgan


Erik is involved in the development, building and implementation of the SEB Group risk engine to help standardize and align the Financial Crime customer risk management methodology across all business lines and geographies.

Previously Erik has held roles such as Head of Global Due Diligence, EMEA Head of KYC and Head of Global Remediation at organizations including JP Morgan, RBC and HSBC. Erik has significant experience in aligning and enhancing all client due diligence activities across the business and developing client-centric solutions. He has a focus on risk management, quality assurance, execution excellence, project management and regulatory engagement.

Ionela Emmett, ICBC Standard Bank

Ionela Emmett

ICBC Standard Bank

Ionela Emmett is a financial crime SME with over 15 years of experience in the field. In 2022, she joined ICBC Standard Bank as a Senior Manager, Financial Crime Controls, Risks and Policy & Advisory within the Compliance function.

In her previous role with Commerzbank AG London, she led the AML Monitoring and Investigation team and acted as Fraud Officer for the London Branch, leading the Anti-Fraud Programme and ensuring oversight and implementation of the respective local and global governance. She was responsible for managing complex investigations across different business platforms and critical input to the development of anti-financial crime policies, procedures, measures and controls.

Fernando Garcia-Quismondo, Banco Santander

Fernando Garcia-Quismondo

Banco Santander

Fernando is Global Head of IDCoE - Identity Center of Excellence at Banco Santander, and responsible for the Global Customer Identity platform.

With a background of more than 20 years of experience in Omnichannel and Innovation areas, in the last five years he has been involved in most initiatives involving digital identity across Santander Group, with special focus in Biometrics-based CIAM and Digital Onboarding processes.

Fernando is also a member of the working group that collaborates with the European Commission for the definition and evolution of eIDAS regulation.

Howard Wimpory, Encompass

Howard Wimpory


Howard is the KYC Transformation Director at Encompass, working with Tier 1 banks to digitally transform their KYC onboarding and refresh processes. He has held a number of executive-level operational roles with a major global bank including leading their wholesale KYC Onboarding and Refresh functions.

His most recent role prior to Encompass was Managing Director, Group Financial Crime Operations at Barclays Bank, where amongst other functions, he was accountable for leading KYC Remediation of Corporate and Investment Bank Client records to an FCA committed timeline.