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Addressing the challenges around KYC

How are banks transforming now and for the future?

A bank’s work to transform KYC into a digital operating model can be viewed from the broader context of the national and global work of protecting economies and financial systems from criminals attempting to launder money or finance terrorism.

The need to protect economies against financial crime and the wave of digital transformation sweeping the financial services sector may engender the emergence of a digital ecosystem.

Another goal of the broader program of digital transformation being pursued by executive teams is to overcome barriers to growth imposed by manual processes that are highly capital intensive, and which do not scale even with increased labor inputs. Automating KYC as a digital process improves capacity for scalability and creates a strong foundation for new and better business-as-usual operations.

Learn more as our panel explores:

  • The challenges around KYC
  • The changing landscape and the journey to a digital ecosystem
  • Aligning innovation and business agility
  • How banks are preparing for the future

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Meet the speakers


Kimberley Lacey

Chief AML Officer, KeyBank

Now Chief AML officer for KeyBank, Kim has previously held positions at Suntrust Bank and Citi Bank. In these positions, she has gained valuable first-hand experience in the KYC space and the challenges surrounding the processes involved. 

As a key player in the AML space, Kim has been watching on as more and more banks start making the transition from manual to automated processes over parts, and sometimes all of their KYC operating models. With the advances being made in data analytics and machine learning, Kim can see how other AML teams could benefit from a digital transformation.


James Monaghan

Senior Director, Customer Risk and Due Diligence, Pegasystems

Previously a software engineer, and with several years of experience in FinTechs, James can offer a unique perspective when addressing the key issues clients face on a regular basis.

He now helps support back-office functions to show teams the benefits of making certain digital transformation changes to improve business functions.


Catherine Warren, CAMS

KYC Transformation Director, Encompass

With nearly 40 years of experience in financial services roles related to AML compliance. Now, Catherine helps those using Encompass with their transformation journeys.