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A new approach to support you in a new world

Automated Know Your Customer (KYC) and Identity Verification (IDV) have never been more important.

Facilitating access for your customers to the critical support they require to keep their business, and lives, afloat requires fast, efficient and, now largely digital KYC and IDV processes.

In this webinar we are joined by Gus Tomlinson (General Manager Identity Fraud, GBG Group) and Jonathan Holman (Head of Digital Transformation, Santander) to discuss:

  • The regulatory response to social distancing measures
  • Challenges of remote compliance teams
  • Why regtech must be a priority
  • How to get up and running with regtech fast
  • Streamline KYC and IDV with Encompass and GBG Group

Meet the speakers


Gus Tomlinson

GBG Group

Gus Tomlinson is General Manager Identity Fraud Propositions at GBG and an expert in identity technology with experience in global data, regulations and market trends. She has a deep understanding not only of GBG’s product portfolio, but also the global markets that its customers operate in across the globe.

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Jonathan Holman


Jonathan Holman is a technologist and banker who runs Digital for Santander in SME, Commercial and Corporate Banking in the UK. He is a mechanical engineer by undergraduate degree and has a masters' degree in banking management and practice. He has held roles in coverage (relationship banking), credit risk, operations, strategy, change and leadership. He researched and wrote his masters' degree dissertation, using scale social data in credit risk modelling, using ML / AI, which was a global first. Jonathan's team and he have won 8 global industry awards in recent years for their work in banking technology. Jonathan is a visiting scholar at the LIBF university college, amongst other academic institutions, advising and teaching on Fintech and Regtech.

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