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KYC transformation - taking people on a journey

The challenges of running a KYC transformation program and overcoming resistance to change

In partnership with RegTech Associates, we discussed the challenges of running a KYC transformation program and some practical ways leaders can overcome organisational inertia and resistance to change.

Like any large-scale change program, KYC transformation is not just about data and technology, though those are central to its success. KYC transformation will also involve changes to policies, processes and the way that people work, and therefore it is vital that those leading the program consider how to take people on the transformation journey.

Questions answered during this webinar:

  • What can leaders do to inspire and motivate people throughout a transformation program?
  • How can leaders deal with the cultural challenges involved in KYC transformation so everyone is on board and benefiting?
  • What are some practical ways that leaders can overcome inertia and resistance to change?

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Meet the speakers


Heather Adams

Accenture UKI

As Managing Director, Head of Risk Strategy & Consulting at Accenture UKI, Heather is responsible for building their capabilities in Keeping Institutions Safe.

Heather specialises in helping clients to fight fraud and financial crime and to become operationally resilient.

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Doris Honald

Encompass / Credit Suisse

Doris is an accomplished strategic leader with over 25 years of Board level experience in Finance, Risk and Change Management gained as Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) with global banks working in Germany, Japan, Singapore, UK and US, as well as in Non-Executive Director and Advisory appointments with organizations focused on Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

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Nicola Poole

Client Lifecycle Management and AML Transformation Expert

Nicola has held various roles in Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) Transformation and is an executive leader of the 1st line of defence teams in KYC, AML Monitoring and Client Services.

She has been actively involved across the financial services industry in the development and implementation of CLM, AML and Client Data Technology and Operating Models. Nicola’s focus on a superior client Journey with strong controls and operational efficiency has led to delivering several successful solutions in these roles.

In addition, she is now focused on the increasing role of Technology and Innovative Fintech in driving front-to-back alignment of the financial crime domain to improve detection, increase protection and enhance the clients’ experience.

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Sian Lewin

RegTech Associates

As Co-Founder and Head of Client Delivery, Sian leads the research and client delivery activities at RegTech Associates.

She has 25 years of experience in implementing regulatory change in financial services and holds a PhD from the London School of Economics.

She is a recognised expert, speaker and influencer in RegTech.

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