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Trouble in Paradise

Cracking down on corporate secrecy

Information about corporate structures and beneficial ownership is increasingly required by regulators, and collected and published by national and state registries.

The reason these facts are not included in due diligence and risk assessment is often not that records do not exist, but the poor productivity and inefficiency of due diligence fails to locate this information and include it in risk assessments.

In this Q&A webinar, Henry Williams (Head of Investigations, Themis) interviews investigative journalist and award-winning author of ‘Moneyland’, Oliver Bullough, who gives his insight and discusses the financial crime risks that come with corporate secrecy and hidden beneficial ownership.

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Meet the speakers


Henry Williams


Henry has 14 years’ experience as an investigator and journalist and has led teams working on several of the largest corporate investigations to be prosecuted over the last decade.

Prior to joining Themis, Henry worked as a consultant to the financial investigations industry where his recent experience included investigating embezzlement at a Romanian energy concern and identifying leading investment banks’ exposure to the illegal wildlife trade in China. His investigations have also been published in the New Statesman, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the Evening Standard.

Henry spent his earlier career at Diligence and Olive Group. He began his career as a graduate trainee at Euromoney Institutional Investor and has an MA in International Journalism from City University.

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Oliver- Bullough

Oliver Bullough

Investigative Journalist

Oliver Bullough is an author and freelance journalist from Wales, who writes about financial crime, often with a connection to the former Soviet Union. His journalism appears in the Guardian, GQ magazine, the New York Times and other places; his latest book is Moneyland, why thieves and crooks now rule the world and how to take it back.

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