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Uncovering the oligarchs

The importance of KYC and identifying UBOs following the Russian sanctions

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered global economic warfare unlike anything that has been seen since the end of the Cold War.

As coordinated sanctions across Western nations are enforced, financial institutions across the globe must now take on the daunting task of reviewing their current due diligence efforts to untangle from the world’s 11th largest economy. The effort to identify and target these sanctioned, Kremlin-linked businesses and individuals will be historic.

In this on demand webinar, our expert panel explore the complexity of unwrapping beneficial ownership, and provide expert insight on the regulatory requirements and best practices for banks and financial institutions.

Featured speakers are Sarah Beth Felix (Founder & CEO, Palmera Consulting) and financial crime consultant Karim Rajwani (former SVP & COO, Scotiabank). The panel discussion will be moderated by Dr. Henry Balani (Global Head of Industry & Regulatory Affairs, Encompass).

Key learns from the webinar:

  • The current state of Russian sanctions
  • The complexities of identifying sanctioned businesses and individuals intertwined and hidden throughout the global economy
  • The challenges and exposure that Western banks have as a result
  • The importance and challenges of accessing registries to identify beneficial owners
  • The need to scale and speed up beneficial ownership due diligence using automated KYC tools

Our expert panel

Sarah Beth Felix | Founder & CEO, Palmera Consulting

Sarah Beth Felix

Palmera Consulting

Sarah Beth Felix is the founder and owner of Palmera Consulting, a specialized AML/CTF advisory firm providing AML system validations, remediations, SME roles, product roll-out and risk assessments. She brings 18 years of AML operational experience, 14 years CAMS certified, working with financial institutions of all types – including banks, credit unions, FinTechs, trade finance institutions, MSBs, broker/dealers and mortgage companies.

Sarah is recognized in the compliance industry for her ability to navigate and operationalize global AML/CTF regulations. As a former AML Officer, she provides actionable, sustainable and effective solutions through first-hand knowledge of how systems and data impact daily compliance efforts.

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Karim Rajwani | Financial crime consultant

Karim Rajwani

Financial crime consultant

Now a financial crime consultant, Karim Rajwani CAMS was previously SVP, Chief Operating Officer at Scotiabank, leading the bank’s remediation activities with respect to transaction monitoring, screening, investigations and intelligence activities. Karim has global responsibility for FIUs and oversight over operations and is responsible for the Enterprise Project Management Office and the AML Solution Delivery Team. ​

Karim has almost 40 years of risk management, compliance, and financial accounting experience. Karim was also a member of the Advisory Council on National Security for the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada between 2009 and 2012, the Co-Chair of the Canadian Chapter of the Association of Certified Anti Money Specialists (ACAMS), and is a member of the Advisory Board of ACAMS.

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Dr Henry Balani | Global Head of Industry & Regulatory Affairs, Encompass

Dr Henry Balani


Dr Henry Balani is a noted industry thought leader and commentator on Regulatory Compliance issues and trends affecting the financial services industry. As a published academic, Dr. Balani also lectures on international business, economics, and regulatory compliance courses globally.

Dr. Balani holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, an M.B.A. from Northern Illinois University, and a B.S. in Economics from the London School of Economics.

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